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Country diary: in a spin over the orb-weaver spiders

Ramsley Moor, Derbyshire: In the tangle of fading thistles and nettles behind the fence is a frenzy of constructionMist was cloaking Ramsley Moor, but the light was anything but flat. The grey veil seemed to glow, catching silvery beads of moisture soaking the heather. Dropping down a steep incline, we stopped for coffee by a stream that had, just like us, gathered pace down the hill, bubbling happily, just as we were, leaning against a wooden fence admiring compact oaks and hawthorns that this year seemed thicker with fruit than ever.Gradually, I became aware that it wasn't just the water that was rushing along. In the tangle of fading thistles and nettles behind the fence was a frenzy of construction, a dozen or so orb-weaver spiders with their hard hats on, working busily in the early autumn chill on glittering spirals of silk to strengthen webs freighted with heavy droplets of condensation. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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