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The next chapter of Britain's climate policy story will take place in your kitchen | Max Wakefield

The transition to heat pumps will affect almost every household in the UK, but it won't work without public supportThe government has finally handed in its climate homework. Less than a fortnight before hosting the Cop26 climate summit - arguably the most important meeting in human history - the new net zero strategy is supposed to tell us how the UK will go from long-term hand-waving to now-term problem-solving.There is both a lot in there, and not enough. Until the government's official advisers give their assessment we won't know for sure if the plan stands a good chance of achieving legal carbon targets through to 2037. If you want a simple headline for now, I'd offer this: we're pointing in the right direction, but setting off at a jog. Physics demands we sprint.Max Wakefield is the director of campaigns for the climate action group Possible Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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