The Guardian view on Biden's risky gamble: betting on lowering oil prices | Editorial

1. červenece 2022 17:30


The climate agenda risks being derailed by energy market disruptions caused by Russia's war in UkraineJoe Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia this month highlights the paradox of American power. The US has the economic heft to punish an opponent - but not enough to alter the behaviour of a determined adversary. Sanctions will see Russia's economy contract by 9% next year. But Washington needs more nations to join its camp to halt Moscow's brutal invasion of Ukraine. Mr Biden has been forced to prioritise war objectives over ethics in meeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who the CIA says ordered the barbaric murder of the prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi.The havoc that Russia's war has caused on the world's energy markets is contributing to an economic crisis that is playing into the hands of Mr Biden's domestic opponents. This highlights the west's failure to confront the climate emergency with a less carbon-intensive economic model. The green agenda risks being derailed by sky-high hydrocarbon prices. This scenario could have been averted if western nations had accelerated their net zero agendas by driving down energy demand - the lack of UK home insulation is one glaring failure - and spending on renewables to achieve energy security. Instead, this week the G7 watered down pledges to halt fossil fuel investment over fears of winter energy shortages as Moscow squeezes supplies. Continue reading...


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