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Germany approves nuke waste shipment from France

Germany approves nuke waste shipment from France
SALZGITTER - Germanys atomic safety agency said yesterday it had approved transport of nuclear waste for the first time in four years to an interim storage site near the north German town of Gorleben. The agency said that as early as March six Castor storage containers of spent fuel could arrive at the site from the French processing plant at La Hague. Over the past month Germany and France have held urgent talks to end a dispute over Frances refusal to accept more German nuclear waste for reprocessing. Germanys 19 nuclear plants have no reprocessing facilities of their own, and many are pressing to be allowed to ship out waste they have been forced to store on-site since a May 1998 ban on waste transport. The ban, which followed a safety scare, was lifted in September following the introduction of new safety measures. France had been refusing to accept further nuclear shipments until Germany committed to taking back already-reprocessed waste sitting in the northern French plant at La Hague. Atomic waste transports have been controversial for years in Germany, leading to often bloody confrontations between anti-nuclear campaigners and police. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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